Windy Acres Horticulture…a flower farm

     Windy Acres farm provides seasonally grown flowers grown on our farm in Niagara, New York. By harvesting and conditioning flowers just before your event, we insure that the freshest blooms are used. Services provided include full wedding service, personals only (example : bouquets, boutonnieres , and corsages, and buckets of flowers and foliage for DIYers).  Delivery and set up can be provided, or arrangements made for pickup at the farm.  Keeping your colors in mind, we  strive to provide a palette and design that fulfills your vision.  As we provide local seasonal flowers, we are dependent on what is growing and available at the time of your event. On occasion, we may purchase flowers from other local flower farmers.  If you have your heart on garden roses, or peonies out of season, we can try to source them for you.  However, often other flowers can easily be substituted, as lisianthus or rannunculus when in season for roses, or similarly, dahlias substituted for peonies.  Below you will find some sample prices suggestions.   Every bride’s needs are different, and therefore pricing is individualized to those needs.  The list below will give you a place to start.  Call 716-628-6007 or email for further information.

Bridal Bouquets, $75.-$150.

Maids Bouquets, $55.-$75.

Floral Hoops, $30.-$45.

Boutonnieres, $18.-$20.

Corsages, pin on, brass cuff, floral tatoo, $25.-$50.

Floral crowns, $50. and up

Centerpieces, $50.-$125.

Mason jar arrangements: small mouth quart, $35.; small mouth pint $25.

                                               large mouth quart, $45.; large mouth pint $30.

Small urns, $75.  Large urns, $150.- and up

Large vase arrangements, $75.-$150.

Small bud vases/ bottles, $15. each

Sprays for gazebos and arches, begin at $125. each.  

                                               Cost is dependant on size of each spray, number and type of flowers.

Foliage for pillars and gazebos, $200., and up

Flower arches: cost is dependant on length, width, and type of flowers and foliage used..

Aisle flowers, small mason jars, ribbon tied, $20., and up

Aisle flowers, individually priced according to design.

Flowers by the 2 qt. bucket, in season grower’s choice of color and variety.  A combination of focal, filler, foliage;estimated stem count, 60-70, depending on  variety, $90. 

Foliage by the 2 qt. bucket, grower’s choice $75.

Flowers by the bucket are picked up at the farm.  Consultation is available for $25./ ½ hour

Specialty Cut flowers as Anemone, Ranunculus, Peonies, Lisianthus, Hydrangea, Dahlias are sold by the 5- 10 stem bunch, according to market price.

Delivery, set up charges, and NY State tax apply.